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Convert your "V Frame" bike to a Moped - Easily and Affordably!

This kit comes with every thing that you'll need to convert any regular 26" single speed or multi speed mountain bike into a motorized bike. You'll still be able to pedal the bike and ride like normal or start the engine by releasing the clutch lever. There's no rope pulling needed. You can stop or start the engine as you ride. Twist grip hand throttle controls speeds from 35 to 40/mph depending on the gear ratio. This installation kit comes with a 44 tooth 9 hole chrome racing sprocket with easy to install 9 bolt universal mounting hardware that clamps over the rear wheel hub and spokes. This creates a totally independent drive sprocket and chain that does not interfere with your current drive chain or peddling.

Complete Conversion Kit



How Does it Work?

With the built in clutch you maintain full function of the original bike. Pedal, shift, and ride your bike like normal. The engine kit only adds about 19lbs to your bike. When you want to engage the engine simply release the clutch hand lever and the engine springs to life. To power off simply press the included kill switch.

What do I need to do this?

1. Requires basic mechanics and simple tools

2. It takes about a few hours to install while using easy to follow detailed instructions (included).

The pictures are of a sample bike that has the motor kit installed. It took approximately 2-3 hours to install and is a great project to work on!



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